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St Peter’s Church

A Brief History of the Church

ROBERT NOEL founded the Monastery of Ronton in Staffordshire in 1291.  Since this monastery appropriated the church in Grandborough and Robert Noel was the biggest landowner in Grandborough, it is supposed that he founded and endowed the church.  His tomb originally stood on the west of the  north wall of the chancel.  Between the two arches where the organ now is, there used to be a wall and this is from where the low arch of the Founder’s Tomb was removed. Its remains can now be seen outside the church under the east window.

The church was erected mainly in the 14th Century and is chiefly in the Decorated style with a little transitional  Early English - decorated work.

The Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul  was originally held on the same day, 19th June. Before the Reformation the church was dedicated to St. Paul but after the Reformation  became St. Peter’s church.

Discover more about the church by taking a ‘Tour of St. Peter’s Church.

St Peter's Church
St Peter's, Grandborough


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The Vicarage,  Lower Street,  Willoughby.
Tel: 01788 89922


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